Episode 46: Mark Ramsey

Mark Ramsey, President of Mark Ramsey Media, is my guest, and as usual, he brings it for radio, particularly listener-supported radio stations, and the great opportunities we have to strengthen our connection beyond what Neilsen ratings dictate. Key Quote: “If you have a local radio station, if you’re gonna bother to be in the market, if you can have talent who are in the midst of the hundred mile radius of your metro — why are you keeping it all within those four walls? Bring it outside. Allow people to be part of the larger experience. Now, what is that have to do with Nielsen? Nothing. What does that have to do with the experience? Everything.”

Mark is brillant. Listen. But also SUBSCRIBE BELOW.

Visit his website at http://www.markramseymedia.com and SUBSCRIBE to his excellent “Media Unplugged” podcast with Tom Asacker. Oh, and while you’re at it, please subscribe ON MULTIPLE DEVICES at one, or all of the links below.

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